ANV Generation 3+ Night Vision Monocular

High performance night vision monocular

ANV night vision monocular for moving and observing.

Generation 3+ night vision optics have a wide range of applications. These monoculars are especially useful when walking, navigating a boat in and out of harbours and through surface debris, and driving when a covert approach is important, such as for security, enforcement and wildlife protection.

The monocular configuration is useful for navigating a boat because enables one eye sees the night vision image while the other eye can monitor maps and depth sounder.

High performance night vision compliments thermal imaging, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Unlike thermal imaging, night vision ‘sees’ light that is reflected off the surface of objects and people, making identification easier. Thermal cannot differentiate between objects of the same temperature, such as rocks in water after their temperatures have equalised.

Advanced Optics hold stock of goggles and accessories for immediate dispatch.

Model variants

ANV Ultra HD-BW 68lp/mm:

FoM ≤2100 

We support volunteer SAR/Coastguard with special rates.

ANV Gen3 user sales
These devices are only available to Coastguard New Zealand, Search and Rescue groups, education and research.

Due to our international licensing, ANV Gen3 NV optics cannot be exported outside of New Zealand.


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ANV Ultra Gen3+ night vision monocular
Ultra means performance

The Ultra range of night vision optics have the following common features:

  • Auto-gated (Important to maintain vision in the presence of external light sources, street lights, car headlights, boat lights and navigation beacons etc.)
  • White phosphor screen provides best detail and contrast
  • Vertical auto shut-off with override, turns off the unit when in the up position
  • Manual gain control allows user to finely adjust image brightness
  • In-built IR illuminator with ‘on’ indicator, for use in the absence of any light
  • Powered by 1x AA battery with low battery warning
  • Fully waterproof body nitrogen purged and hermetically sealed.


ANV Ultra monoculars with bridge mount
Two monoculars can be joined with a Bridge Mount to make a true binocular

ANV Ultra HD-BW Gen 3+ monocular delivers performance and versatility

ANV Gen3 NV devices have a high Figure-of-Merit (FOM) and are suited to the demands of our professional, volunteer and government users who require visibility in the darkest environments. These goggles form a highly useable image on moonless nights without the use of additional IR illumination.

All units are supplied with a sacrificial window, a demist shield, headmount, waterproof hard case, lens care cloth and instructions.

Optional accessories include refractive 3x objective lens, catadioptic 5x objective lens, 3x afocal objective lens attachment, helmet mounts, and bridge mount.


To learn the basics of night vision devices, visit this Wikipedia link
* FOM stands for Figure of Merit, a key performance indicator set by the US military. FOM is resolution x signal-to-noise (RxSNR) of the tube. The FOM is the average of the batch of devices. Some may be slightly less and some slightly more. The differences are undetectable.



  • Generation 3+
  • FoM >1900 / >2000 / >2100
  • White phosphor photocathode
  • Autogated
  • 1x Magnification
  • ≥40° Field of view
  • Manual gain
  • Auto vertical shut-off with override
  • Waterproof to IP67

ANV Ultra NVM is supplied with:

  • 1x Headmount
  • 1x Sacrificial window
  • 1x Demist shield
  • 1x Neck strap
  • Waterproof hard case
  • Soft carry bag
  • Lens care cloth and instructions.


3x Objective lens

ANV 3x objective lens
3x Objective lens

3x Afocal lens attachment

3x Afocal attachment lens
ANV Goggle with Focal 3x lens

5x Catadioptric objective lens

ANV 5x CAT lens
5x CAT lens monocular

Bridge mount

Bridge mount monocular
Bridge mount monocular fitted