Pulsar Forward F DNV Clip-on

Converts your daylight riflescope into a night vision riflescope with a twist of the wrist.

Pulsar Forward F, versatile, full featured and high performance

The Forward F is supplied with a set of mounting rings for attaching to the front of your riflescope and a eyepiece for use as a spotting device.

It shares the same high performance monochrome Sony Exmore 1280×720 HD Near Infrared Optimised (NIR) sensor as the Pulsar Digisight Ultra and Digex, that produces the best low light image performance available.

The NIR optimised sensor means that the Forward requires less infrared light especially in the longer NIR spectrum. This enable the use of 940nm or longer IR sources and is especially effective after dark when the sky is bathed in infrared from the sun that is invisible to the eye, when the Forward can be used without any additional illumination.

A fast f1.0 lens that is precision ground and fully multi-coated ensures that the sensor is supplied with a bright, sharp image. The firmware processes the signal, enhancing and brightening using the propriety SUMLight algorithm that dynamically varies the electronic shutter speed to maximise use in extreme darkness. Like the Pulsar Digisight and the Pulsar Digex, the Pulsar Forward provides the best image in dark conditions.

Pulsar Forward FN digital night vision monocular

Easy transformation of an optic sight into a night vision device

The Pulsar Forward F attaches to the front optical bell of a daylight riflescope with a Pulsar FN Ring-Mount that is permanently fixed to the riflescope, enabling rapid attachment and removal. The solid Pulsar FN mount maintains point-of-impact when the Forward F is removed and reattached.

A 5x eyepiece monocular is supplied with each Forward F to enable it to be used as a hand-held spotting device.

The Forward F is recoil rated to high calibre rifles such as .375H&H, 12 Gauge rifled slug and 9.3×64. It is waterproof rated to IPx7 which protects te unit from submersion in water.

Pulsar StreamVision in action

StreamVision integration with IOS/Android and firmware update

Built in Wi-Fi module provides connectivity of thermal imager with Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. The smartphone and thermal imager combination offers a set of unique features such as direct image streaming, downloading and sharing recorded files, firmware update and many other.



Forward F455

1280×720 Sensor

Magnification matches rifle sight when used as clip-on

5x Magnification eyepiece supplied

6.3° Field of view

IPS7 & IPS14 Batteries

Detection range 500m

Suitable for riflescopes with magnification 2x -7x

FN Cover-ring mount manual coming soon