Pulsar Krypton 2 FXQ / FXG

The best thermal clip-on for performance, durability and functionality.

NEW Pulsar Krypton 2 now even better!

The new Krypton 2 is smaller, lighter and better. Improved performance is achieved with a Lynred sensor, faster optics, better display and image processing hardware and firmware. More features enhance user experience.

The Krypton 2 is available with a choice of two models:

• Krypton 2 XQ35- Lynred 384×288/17µm/<25mK and 35mm f1.0 lens

• Krypton 2 XG50- Lynred 640×480/12µm/<40mK and 50mm f1.0 lens

Each Krypton 2 is supplied with:

• PSP-B bayonet riflescope mount

• Monocular eyepiece for hand-held spotting

• Wireless remote control for quick and easy recording and menu access


Krypton 2 FXQ50

This is Pulsar’s flagship thermal front-attachment (clip-on). The Lynred 640×480/12µm sensor and new 50mm f1.0 lens delivers a highly detailed image and ability to increased magnification with less pixelation. This system is ideal for taking longer shots and for shooting small targets. Ideal for pest control and hunting.

Krypton 2 FXQ35

This welcome addition provides all the same features but at a lower cost. Fitted with a Lynred 384×288/17µm sensor, with <25mK NETD and a 35mm f1.0 lens. This system is ideal for general hunting and pest control.

Common features:

• Made in Europe by Pulsar
• Lynred sensor
• Precision ground f1.0 Germanium objective lens
• Fully waterproof and shockproof magnesium alloy housing
• Rated for high powered rifles (.375H&H, 9.3×64, 12g slug etc)
• Quick-change IPS7 battery
• Full brightness and contrast control
• Multiple colour pallets
• High resolution AMOLED display
• Video recording and streaming
• Easy installation with zero P.O.I. shift
• 3×20 monocular for hand-held observation

Dual-use (military/civilian) goods cannot be exported outside of New Zealand.

1000 yard thermal challenge accepted by Stefan Orman. Watch this highly entertaining video.

The Krypton 2 FXG is supplied with a with 3x monocular eyepiece for use as a hand-held thermal imager.

The monocular is fiited to the rear of the Krypton providing a clear image and comfortasble grip. With a twist of the wrist, the monocular is removed, enablbing the Krypton to be fitted to your riflescope.

Pulsar Krypton 2 with monocular eyepiece

The Krypton 2 is fitted with WiFi for firmware updates and use with Stream Vision 2.

Selecting the correct PSP mount size for your riflescope

Pulsar PSP ring-adapters are available in three nominal sizes that should fit most riflescopes. The correct size depends on the outside diameter of your riflescope’s objective lens bell.

• 42mm (ext ø 45.5mm – 50mm)
• 50mm (ext ø 51.6mm – 59mm)
• 56mm (ext ø 60mm – 65mm)

See video for more information.