Yukon Extend LRS1000 Rangefinder

Light, compact, and optically clear. The Yukon LRS-1000 also measures speed making it ideal for auto enthusiasts, horse trainers and athletes.

Yukon Extend LRS1000 is accurate, compact and robust

The Yukon LRS-1000 has a nominal range of 1000 metres, though we have consistantly ranged objects well in excess of this distance in ideal conditions. This outperforms all other rangefinders in its class.

The Yukon LRS-1000 also measures speed up to 100kph, making it ideal for auto enthusiasts, horse trainers, and athletes.

Scan mode can be used for real-time readouts of both distance and speed.

Measurement can be easily changed from metres to yards for distance, and meters per second or kilometers per hour for speed measurement.

The unit is waterproof to IPx5, is very compact, and easy to use. It has a rubberised body for user comfort.

Made in Europe, superb quality and value.

The Yukon Extend LRS-1000 has a 3 year manufacturer warranty, available only through Foco-Optik

The soft-touch coating on the body of the unit ensures the Extend LRS will not slip – even in wet hands.  The ergonomic body design allows the user to not only hold the unit comfortably, but to also keep it levelled correctly, resulting in a pleasant, tactile operating experience.

Yukon Extend LRS1000 laser rangefinder


Extend LRS-1000

24mm objective lens

6x magnification

7° Field of view

17mm eye relief

Measuring distance 1000 metres

Single reading and Scan modes

5 – 200 kph speed measurement

Waterproof to IPx5

Weight 195 grams

Size 98 x 75 x 54mm

Pаckage contents

Laser rangefinder Extend LRS-1000

Carrying Case

Wrist Strap

CR2 Battery

User Manual

Warranty Card