Recreational Users Support

Remember to read the manual before using your product. Yeh, right!

This section is still under construction. Revisit to see progress and the addition of manuals, tips and tricks.

Yukon and Pulsar optics are fully warranted against faulty construction and materials when purchased from an authorised dealer. We also offer spare parts, as well as servicing and repair via our service centre in Scotland and Lithuania. Servicing and repair will be available in New Zealand in 2022 which will handle many tasks.

Due to our strict exclusive territorial distributor agreement we are forbidden to offer spares or servicing for products that we have not imported via our supplier. All warranty items must have a sales receipt and serial number. Grey imports must be returned to the original seller for warranty and servicing. All legitimately imported goods carry the gold Genuine sticker. If there is no sticker, do not purchase!

When purchasing a used unit, contact us with the serial number so that we can verify that it is a genuine New Zealand import.

Many of our products are classified as Dual-Use (civilian and military) and must not be exported outside of New Zealand.

Yukon Advanced Optics Manufacturer’s Warranty

If your Yukon or Pulsar product develops a fault or is damaged and requires repair, it must be returned to the dealer from whom you purchased.

Only products supplied through Yukon Optics New Zealand can be returned to the factory for repair. To ensure that the warranty and repair service is available, a copy of the original invoice and serial number must be provided.

A warranty card is supplied with each product detailing the terms and conditions of the warranty. To make a warranty claim, return the product to the place of purchase along with the following:

— Letter explaining the unit’s problem.

— Copy of the original receipt showing when and where the product was purchased.

— Return Shipping information, including return address and contact person.

— Make sure that your new Pulsar or Yukon product box has the shiny gold sticker to ensure that it has been supplied through ourselves.

Yukon Pulsar genuine label

Usually product warranty repairs take between 8-12 weeks, from our receiving the product, to the product being returned to the customer. Products are sent to either Scotland or Lithuania for repair. Occasionally, product warranty repairs can be held up for a number of reasons outside of our control. We accept no responsibility for unexpected delays.

Buying a used Pulsar or Yukon product?

Before you purchase a used Yukon or Pulsar optic product, check the box for the gold sticker and if possible, obtain a copy of the original receipt. Ensure that the serial number has not been removed or tampered with. If proof of purchase is unavailable, tell us the model and serial number so that we may check it against our database.

Due to strict manufacturer’s territorial restrictions,  grey imports must be returned to the original distributor for warranty claims and servicing. This is a contractual condition set by the manufacturer.

Dual-Use goods

Dual-Use goods can be used for both civilian and military purposes. These goods are controlled under several international treaties including Wasaanar Arrangement and BIS to prevent their unlawful proliferation. Archetype Precision Systems Limited (trading as Advanced Optics) hold the necessary licences to distribute these goods within New Zealand. This licence clearly stipulates that these goods must not be re-exported, except for warranty returns to an approved destination.