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With a New Zealand authorised Pulsar warranty, we have you covered, but please remember to read the manual on correct product usage.

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Pulsar warranty, repair and troubleshooting advice.

Phone to speak with one of our experts 03 9700 570, or fill out our email enquiry form. Please supply the Pulsar product and serial number so that we can offer specific advice.


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Only buy authorised products for warranty and long-term protection

Pulsar packaging with Genuine sticker

Yukon and Pulsar optics are fully warranted against faulty construction and materials when purchased from an authorised dealer. We also offer spare parts, as well as servicing and repair via our service centre in New Zealand, Scotland and Lithuania. 

Due to our strict exclusive territorial distributor agreement with our supplier, we are forbidden to offer warranties, spares and servicing for unauthorised Pulsar products.

All warranty claims must have a sales receipt and serial number. All authorised New Zealand Pulsar products have a gold Genuine sticker on the packaging. To prevent warranty and repair problems in the future, ensure that the gold sticker is present. Make sure you purchase your goods from one of our authorised dealers.

Buying used Pulsar products

When purchasing a second-hand product, you may contact us with the serial number so that we can verify that it is an authorised New Zealand import and if there is any remaining warranty.

Many of our products are classified as Dual-Use (civilian and military) and must not be exported outside of New Zealand.

Dual-Use goods

Dual-Use refers to Military/Civilian goods

What are Dual-Use goods?

Dual-Use goods are used for both military and civilian purposes and are controlled to prevent unlawful proliferation under several international treaties, including the Wassenaar Arrangement, ITAR and the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). All EU countries, UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (and others) are legally bound by these treaties.

Archetype Precision Systems Limited (trading as Advanced Optics) is licensed to distribute EU sourced Dual-Use goods within New Zealand only. Our license forbids re-exporting these goods except for authorised warranty returns to the manufacturer.

Why so strict?

All Pulsar thermals are fitted with European made Lynred MIL-STD Microbolometers. These are controlled under the ‘New Zealand Strategic Goods List, Section 6A002.a.3.f., ‘microbolometer’ is defined as a thermal imaging detector that, as a result of a temperature change in the detector caused by the absorption of infrared radiation, is used to generate any usable signal. 

As well as the obvious illegal uses for these goods, Lynred MIL-STD sensors can be used in guided missiles and other military hardware. It is therefore extremely important that these goods do not fall into the wrong hands.

Advanced Optics New Zealand hold all product serial numbers, date of import, date and to whom sold, in order to protect ourselves from prosecution under international law in the event that one of our products is illegally exported and seized by either New Zealand or overseas customs; or finds itself in the wrong hands.

Whilst we ensure that all of our dealers are fully aware of the export restrictions out of New Zealand, some shops and online dealers in other countries may unwittingly put themselves at risk of prosecution resulting in confiscation of goods, fines and imprisonment.

Penalties for illegal export of Dual-Use goods (EU & UK)

New Zealand Strategic Goods List explanation

Current New Zealand Strategic Goods List

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