Pulsar Krypton 2 kit

Thermal Front Attachment


Convert your riflescope to thermal with the finest civilian thermal clip-on. It also doubles as a thermal hand-held monocular. A cost effective and versatile hunting option.

Pulsar Krypton 2 Kit
Pulsar Image Quality

Pulsar Krypton 2 converts your daylight riflescope into a thermal scope and has an eyepiece for hand-held spotting. Outstanding versatility and value.

The new Krypton 2 is an excellent choice for general hunting when fitted to your own daylight riflescope, reducing both cost and weight. It is also a very fine hand-held spotter when fitted with its supplied 3x monocular eyepiece.

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When fitted with its 3x fully multi-coated eyepiece, the Krypton 2 is a very good hand-held spotter that is easy to hold and use. The eyepiece removes in an instant so that the Krypton 2 can be fitted to the PSP-B riflescope mount. 

The new PSP-B bayonet mount is solid and and easy to use twist-on twist-off motion. When mounted on to the front of a riflescope, the magnification and field-of-view is controlled by the riflescope’s zoom ring as per normal operation.

The new Krypton 2 is smaller, lighter and better than its predecessor. Improved image performance is achieved with a Lynred sensor, faster optics and new image processing hardware and firmware.

A quick-change, high capacity IPS7 battery pack enables hunting for prolonged periods and a remote controller can be fitted to your riflescope for easier operation.

Krypton 2 F-XG50 and F-XQ35 Kits are supplied with a Bluetooth remote control, 3x monocular eyepiece and a PSP-B riflescope adapter. Choose correct size when purchasing. Additional rings can be purchased to fit other riflescope sizes for swapping between rifles.

See video below for mounting instructions.

Mounting a Krypton 2 on a riflescope

The supplied Pulsar PSP-B riflescope mounting adapters are available in three nominal sizes that fit most riflescopes. The correct size depends on the outside diameter of your riflescope’s objective lens bell. Choose the correct mount size when purchasing. Extra mounts are available for fitting onto riflescopes with different objective lens size.

Pulsar PSP-B mount sizes:
• 42mm (ext ø 45.5mm – 50mm)
• 50mm (ext ø 51.6mm – 59mm)
• 56mm (ext ø 60mm – 65mm)

Watch this video for correct mounting procedure. Note, this is the Krypton 1 version with non bayonet mount (screw-thread),  but the process of mounting is the same.

Pulsar Krypton 2 thermal front attachment
Pulsar Krypton 2 with monocular eyepiece

Pulsar Krypton 2 models

Pulsar krypton 2 F-XQ35 kit

Krypton 2 F-XQ35 Kit

The Krypton 2 F-XQ35 is very light and compact, ideal for stalking and walking in search of game.

Its high sensitivity Lynred Pro 384×288 17µm sensor is especially suitable for shooting in adverse weather, forest and tall grass when game is difficult to see. A precision 35mm f1.0 germanium lens and Ultra-High Definition AMOLED display produces excellent image quality.

We recommend using a riflescope magnification between 1.5x to 6x for optimum clarity, though a higher magnification can be used to increase target size.


  • Lynred a-Si microbolometer 384×288 / 17µm / 50Hz
  • True NETD <25mK
  • Accreditation: M-STD-810  –  M-STD-883


  • F35 f1.0 precision ground Germanium
  • When fitted on a riflescope, magnification and field-of-view is set by the riflescope
  • 3x magnification eyepiece
  • Detection range: 1300m*

*Based on the Johnson Criteria for an object 1.7m x 0.5m.


  • Weight 440 grams with battery
  • Size 116x73x83



Pulsar Krypton 2 kit

Krypton 2 F-XG50 Kit

Fitted with Lynred’s advanced 640×480 12µm sensor and UHD AMOLED display produces excellent clarity even with higher riflescope magnifications.

The higher image clarity of the Pulsar krypton 2 F-XG50 is suitable for accurate, long-range shot placement. Its Ultra-High Definition AMOLED display forms a very clear image, specially when used on a riflescope at higher magnifications, ideal for precise shot placement at longer ranges.

The Krypton 2 F-XG50 kit is supplied with an eyepiece for hand-held spotting, saving money and weight. It is also supplied with a remote controller that fixes to your riflescope, making menu adjustments and recording easy.

We recommend riflescope zoom magnification of 1.5x – 8x, or higher if increased target size is important.


  • Lynred a-Si Microbolometer 640×480 / 12µm / 50Hz
  • True NETD <40mK
  • Accreditation: JEDEC


  • Precision ground F50 / f1.0 germanium lens
  • When fitted on a riflescope, magnification and field-of-view is set by the riflescope
  • 3x magnification eyepiece
  • Detection range: 1300m*

*Based on the Johnson Criteria for an object 1.7m x 0.5m.


  • Weight 460 grams with battery
  • Size 131x78x84



Common features

  • Made in Europe by Pulsar
  • Lynred sensor
  • Precision ground f1.0 Germanium objective lens
  • Ultra-high (UHD) 1920×1080 resolution AMOLED display
  • Fully waterproof and shockproof magnesium alloy housing
  • Rated for high powered rifles with recoil energy ≤6000J (.375H&H, 9.3×64, 12g slug etc)
  • Quick-change IPS7 battery
  • Three shooting profiles for different ammunition loads
  • Three stage sensor amplification
  • Full brightness and contrast control
  • Multiple colour pallets
  • Video recording with sound option
  • Easy installation with zero P.O.I. shift
  • 3×20 monocular for hand-held observation
  • Bluetooth Remote Controller controls functions from your rifle-stock for eas of use
  • WiFi Streaming via StreamVision 2
  • Updateable firmware

3 year warranty (1 year battery) when purchased from an Authorised New Zealand Dealer. Check the packaging for the gold sticker.


Stream Vision 2 App

Pulsar Stream Vision 2

Pulsar Stream Vision 2 App is a multi-purpose application for use with compatible monoculars, binoculars and riflescopes. It has the following features:

  • Acts as a fully featured remote control for controlling all the functions of the device, such as brightness, contrast, recording and other menu selections.
  • Displays the image onto your smart device for use as a second screen.
  • Enables the updating of Firmware so that your device has the latest functionality.
  • Manage and download files wirelessly.
  • Provides free access for storing files in the Stream Vision 2 Cloud storage.
  • Live streams video to social media via smart phone.
  • Integrates with Stream Vision Ballistics.

Stream Vision 2 user manuals

Apple IOS


IPS7 B-pack and charger

The Pulsar Krypton 2 is supplied with a European made, high capacity IPS7 B-Pack.

Pulsar Krypton battery placement

  • 6400mAh capacity and processor controlled charging and discharging for safe and optimum performance.
IPS7 Battery pack

Pulsar IPS battery


IPS7 Battery charger

IPS battery charger


Instructional video


Long distance challenge


Video recordings with the Krypton 2


Pulsar Krypton 2 promotional video