Daylight optics

Tough, high clarity European made optics.

Genuine Pulsar Product


Yukon optics represent excellent value-for-money.

Manufactured to a standard expected of a European manufacturer but at a very favourable price, all products are made to exacting tolerences using quality materials, with exacellent design and ergonomics. Lenses and prisms are fully multicoated optical glass, while the internals componants are precision engineered for smooth operation for many years of trouble free use.

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide began manufacturing optics at their factory in Minsk, Belorus, a country with a rich history of glass making and optical products, in 1991, having since built a company with factories in Lithuania, Russia, UK, PRC, and now Latvia. Their Pulsar brand is synonimous with innovation and performance, leading the World with an outstanding range of thermal and night vision products.

The range of daylight products includes a variety of binoculars, with roof prism, proorprism and reversed porroprism designs, as well as high performance riflescopes and a compact, accurate laser rangefinder.

Zoologist and polar explorer Vladimir Tyshkevish chose a Yukon Point binocular and Yukon Jaeger riflescope for protection against polar bear attacks. This choice was based on requiring rugged, waterproof optics that are reliable in extreme Arctic conditions. Our products are used throughout New Zealand, having characterisitcs suitable for all conditions such as Fiordland downpours, Southern Alps coldness and baking hot days in the central plains of both islands.

All daylight optics carry a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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