About Us

We are a family business with a strong sense of community.

Advanced Optics New Zealand

.Advanced Optics is a trading name of Archetype Precision Systems Limited, a family owned and run business that has grown annually since 2011, when we were appointed as the exclusive Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide distributor for New Zealand and the South Pacific.

We are the best supplier of electro-optics because:

  • Our product range is selected by evaluation that considers fitness for purpose, performance, features and value for money. This approach provides us with the confidence to invest in stock that will benefit our customers. 
  • All goods are tested by ourselves upon arrival from the manufacturer to ensure that they are still in the same condition as when they left the factory and our after-sales service is second to none.

We serve the recreational user market through our network of dedicated stockists. Click the recreational buy button for location.

Recreational buyers

Professional, volunteer and government users

Our professional, government and volunteer clients benefit from a high level of consultation and the availability of demonstration sets for real-world evaluation.

Choosing the correct product is critical for its success. Optics with different characteristics can be compered side by side. Our advise is based upon experience.

After sales service is a priority. We offer ongoing support and provide loan models to cover for goods that are being repaired or serviced.

Professional, volunter and governement users

Coastguard New Zealand

We have sponsored the Coastguard New Zealand since the 2012 National Conference, which impressed us greatly, hearing stories of the hard work and risks undertaken by the Coastguard volunteers, who perform heroic acts selflessly and with a sense of duty.

If you would like to make a donation, or become involved in this organisation, click on the logo above.

Christine speaking at Coastguard New Zealand Conference

Advanced Optics managing director Christine Stewart-Corke making her customary Welcome Dinner speech at the 2016 Coastguard New Zealand Conference in Taupo. 2016 was a special year as it celebrated the Coastguard’s 40 year anniversary. We were proud to be involved.

We subsidise several volunteer charities and trusts with our equipment. If your organisation helps people or the environment, and would benefit from the world’s best electro-optics, please contact us here:

Advanced Optics Sponsorship

We are also keen to hear from wildlife trusts, search and rescue organisations, and other community organisations. If you are a volunteer educator of young and novice persons interested in hunting, pest control and conservation, we would like to hear from you. We are open to suggestions and ideas.

Foco-Optik sales

On-line sales

Our FOCO-OPTIK website periodically sells demonstration and discontinued stock products at discounted rates. Yesterday’s hot models can be bought today for a great price.

Our brands

Pulsar – Thermal imaging, digital night vision and accessories.

Yukon – Daylight optics and accessories

ANV – Gen3+ night vision optics and accessories

Sternhelle – Torches, NV rangefinders and lasers.


Genuine Yukon — Pulsar product

We hold licensing under the European Economic Union Export Control Organisation and the Bureau for Industry and Security to supply duel-use night vision, thermal imaging, and weapon sights within New Zealand under the terms of the Wassenaar Arrangement and other international laws.

Wide range of day and night optic and electro-optic devices for explorers, hunters, fishermen and nature enthusiasts. Yukon devices are distinguished by slim design and enhanced usability.

Professional line of optic and electro-optic devices with enhanced functionality for experienced users and specialists in different spheres: hunting, animal research observation (incl. without direct visibility and in difficult atmospheric conditions), night and thermal photo and video shooting, search and rescue. Integration with external computer devices, with internet is a standard for development of new and modification of old products.