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World’s finest selection of thermal optics.

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StreamVision improves overall experience

Advanced Optics for professional and volunteer users

We have a range of demonstration models for our professional users to evaluate in-the-field or on-the-water in order to ensure that their choice based on experience.

The type of organisations that we support are:

  • Coastguard New Zealand
  • LandSAR and other SAR units
  • Helicopter Rescue Trusts
  • Regional and national government bodies

Upon agreement, we will send a selection of equipment that we feel is suitable for your application based upon similar users and conditions. You are free to use the equipment for its intended purpose for an agreed time, usually two weeks. These units are in great demand as we service many organisations.

Contact us for more information about whether your organisation fits our criteria. We can phone and discuss your requirements are deal exclusively with email. We will send our company profile, product information and current pricing for your perusal.

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Why choose a Pulsar Thermal Imager?

Pulsar Thermal Imagers are the best value-for-money because they are the best quality, most innovative and deliver the best performance. We also offer sound advice and excellent after-sales support.

Designed and manufactured by Yukon Advanced Optics in Lithuania, Latvia and U.K., the standard of manufacture is second to none. Many features found in todays thermals have their origins in previous Pulsar models. Whilst our competition copies, we move on to higher ground.

Your stockist can demonstrate the models that you may be interested in and provide you with sound advice. Certain items in our product range have a waiting time due to high demand and global circumstances. Many of our customers are prepared to wait, knowing that a Pulsar product is a device to own with pride.

Thermal Imager ideal for New Zealand conditions

Our environment is unique, we have glaciers running into rain forests, snow covered mountains, wide open tussock, plains, marshland, inner cities, endless farmland and thousands of kilometres of coastline. The climate can be freezing, snowing, hailing, hot, humid, foggy, windy, wet or dry; conditions can change quickly with little warning.

Our range of thermals to be the finest available and chosen by both professional and recreational users alike. Although outstanding image quality is important, there are many other reasons to choose our products, functionality, ruggedness, longevity, and excellent resale value for instance.

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