Pulsar Lexion

Thermal Monocular

Very rugged professional thermal monocular.

Pulsar Lexion professional thermal monocular
Pulsar Image Quality

Pulsar Lexion is designed for all tough professional use.

The Pulsar Lexion is designed fior situations where durability, relaibility and performance are critical considerations.

An IPX7 waterproof and shock-proof glass reinforced polymer body will withstand hard use. A unique radiated heat-sink maintains a low internal temperature for optimum image quality and protection of electronics.

A quick-change, high capacity rechargeable battery pack provides up to 16 hrs continual use.  Additional batteries are available.

The Lexion is chosen by Coastguard New Zealand, Search and Rescue New Zealand, New Zealand Police, Department of Conservation, pest control firms, farmers and landowners.

Pulsar Lexion models

Pulsar lexion professional thermal monocular

Lexion XP28

The Lexion XP28 has the widest field-of-view and the lowest magnification, ideal for use from moving boats and vehicles, helicopters at low altitudes, forest, bush and cities.

Also ideal for rural fire prevention, such as checking for hotspots around machinery.  Lexion’s can see through smoke for use in firefighting.


Brief specification
  • Lynred 640×480-17µ sensor
  • 28mm f1.2 precision ground germanium objective lens
  • 1.4x-11.2x Magnification
  • Extra wide 22° field of view
  • Detection range 1000m

Lexion XP50

When long distance performance with a decent field-of-view are the main priority, the 50mm lens delivers a high magnification and highly detailed image.

Suitable for marine, search and rescue, law enforcement and professional pest control and rural firefighting.


Brief specification
  • Lynred 640×480-17µ sensor
  • 50mm f1.2 precision ground Gemanium lens
  • 2.5x-20x Magnification
  • 12.4° Field of view
  • Detection range 1800m

Lexion XQ50

The Lexion XQ50 is a very cost effective unit for scanning wide areas at longer distances due to its high magnification, it is better used from a stationary position. 


Brief specifications
  • Lynred 384×288 – 17µm sensor
  • 50mm f1.2 precision ground Germanium lens
  • 4.5 – 18x magnification
  • Field of view  7.5˚ / 13х9m @100m
  • Detection range 1800m
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