Pulsar Merger Duo NXP50

Multispectral thermal and night vision binocular

Pulsar Merger Duo
Pulsar Genuine Product

Pulsar Merger Duo NXP50 adds an extra dimension for nighttime identification.

The Merger Duo NXP50 is particularly suitable for night use due to its combination of high performance thermal and night vision that renders both long wave radiated heat and high frequency infrared imaging.

Its thermal capability is based on the excellent Lynred 640×480 / 17µ / <25mK Lynred sensor, that can see through fog, rain and foliage, at extreme distances. The Ultra-High Definition night vision sensor sees reflected light that is more natural to the eye, improving perspective and identification. Faint light sources, invisible to thermal, are easily spotted with the night vision sensor. This is specially useful for search and rescue, security, and when targeting specific animals.

Pulsar Thermion Duo NXP50 $10,999


    • Thermal imaging
    • Lynred professional 640×480 / 17µm / <25mK thermal sensor
    • 50mm f1.0 precision germanium lens
    • Night vision
    • 1920×1200 NIR optimised monochrome night vision sensor
    • 50mm f1.4 precision coated optical lens
    • Removable 940nm illuminator
    • General
    • Made in Europe by Pulsar
    • Tough magnesium alloy body
    • Two 1024×768 HD AMOLED displays
    • IPx7 waterproof (immersed in 1 metre of water for 30 minutes)
    • Quick-change battery with internal back-up for ≤7.5 hours use
    • Proximity sensor
    • Video recording and streaming
    • Stream Vision 2 compatible.

Dual-use goods (military/civilian) cannot be exported outside of New Zealand.


Pulsar Merger LRF XP50
StreamVision app

Stream Vision 2 integration with IOS/Android and firmware update

Built in Wi-Fi module provides connectivity of thermal imager with Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. The smartphone and thermal imager combination offers a set of unique features such as direct image streaming, downloading and sharing recorded files, firmware update, remote control, ballistic calculator, motion sensor.



Merger Duo NXP50

• Thermal imaging channel

Lynred 384×288-17µ Sensor

NETD <25mK

F50mm/f1.0 objective lens

3x – 24x Magnification

12.4° (3x) Field of view

Detection range 1800m

• Night vision channel

IMX class monochrome 1920×1200 sensor

Optimised for Near Infrared spectrum

50mm f1.4 fully multicoated optics

2x – 16x Magnification

Ultra-wide 21.8˚(2x) Field of view

• General

1280×960 px AMOLED display

APS3 quick-change battery with internal back-up

Size mm 207 x 140 x 73

Weight with battery 1200 grams