Pulsar Merger Duo

Multispectral Binocular


Independent thermal imaging and night vision sensors enhances identification and detection of faint light sources.

Pulsar Merger Duo NXP50
Pulsar Image Quality

Pulsar Merger Duo NXP50 is ideal maritime, security, wildlife observation and professional pest control.

The Merger Duo NXP50 is a high performance thermal imager that has enhanced night performance due to the addition of a night vision channel that forms and image with reflected light and amplifies faint light sources that are invisible to thermal.

Its thermal capability is based on its Lynred 640×480 / 17µ / <25mK Lynred sensor, that can see through fog, rain and light foliage at extreme distances. The Ultra-High Definition night vision sensor images reflected light that is more natural to the eye, improving perspective and identification.

Faint light sources such as distant navigation beacons, lifejacket strobes and faint torchlight, when the source may be hidden are visible when viewed with its night vision channel.

Target identification is also enahaced because the image is formed with reflected light which is valuable for security, law enforcement and when observing or targeting specific animals.

All Authorised Pulsar thermal imagers carry a 3-year warranty (1 year battery). Make sure the box has the gold Genuine sticker.


Pulsar Merger NXP50

Pulsar Merger Duo

Pulsar Merger Duo NXP50 Specifications

Thermal specification

  • Lynred a-Si Microbolometer 640×480 / 17µm / 50Hz
  • True NETD <25mK
  • Accreditation: M-STD-810  –  M-STD-883  TWS qualified thermal
  • F50 – f1.0 precision germanium lenses
  • 3x – 24x magnification
  • Field-of-view 12.4˚ / 21.8m @ 100m
  • Detection range 1800m*

*Based on the Johnson Criteria for an object 1.7m x .5m

Night Vision specification

  • 1920×1200 Near-Infrared optimised monochrome sensor
  • F50mm f1.4 fully multicoated lenses
  • 2x-16x magnification
  • Field-of-view 17.5˚ / 30.7m @ 100m
  • 500mW 940nm ‘stealth’ IR illuminator with adjustable beam


  • Made in Europe by Pulsar
  • Interactive stadiametric rangefinder
  • Two 1280×960 High-Definition AMOLED displays
  • Three stage sensor amplification
  • Magnesium alloy housing
  • Fully waterproof to IPX7 (IEC60529)
  • Quick-change 3200mAh APS3 Li-ion battery with internal 4000mAh back-up battery
  • Weight 1200 grams with battery
  • Size 207x140x73mm
  • Video and still recording
  • WiFi Streaming via StreamVision 2
  • Updateable firmware

New Zealand authorised Pulsar products carry a 3 year warranty (1 year battery warranty) and access to repair and servicing. Look for the gold Genuine sticker on product packaging.

APS3 Batteries and chargers

Pulsar Mergers are supplied with one APS3 Li-ion battery and an APS charger. Additional batteries and chargers are available.

High performance European made batteries and chargers.

APS3 Battery

Pulsar APS3 battery

Capacity: 3.2 Ah.
Compatible with thermal imaging binoculars Merger LRF and Merger Duo, monoculars Axion XM, thermal imaging riflescopes Thermion, digital night vision riflescopes Digex.

RRP $99.99

APS Battery charger

Pulsar APS Battery Charger

For charging Pulsar APS2 and APS3 batteries.

RRP $99.99

Stream Vision 2 App

Pulsar Stream Vision 2

Pulsar Stream Vision 2 App is a multi-purpose application for use with compatible monoculars, binoculars and riflescopes. It has the following features:

  • Acts as a fully featured remote control for controlling all the functions of the device, such as brightness, contrast, recording and other menu selections.
  • Displays the image onto your smart device for use as a second screen.
  • Enables the updating of Firmware so that your device has the latest functionality.
  • Manage and download files wirelessly.
  • Provides free access for storing files in the Stream Vision 2 Cloud storage.
  • Live streams video to social media via smart phone.
  • Integrates with Stream Vision Ballistics.

Stream Vision 2 user manuals

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