Accessory lenses

Lenses for adding functionality to your thermal and night vision optics

Pulsar Helion lenses

Germanium lenses for Helion XP, Helion 2 XP and Helion 2 XP PRO only.

28mm Lens

Magnification 1.4x-11.2x

Field-of-view 22˚ (1.4x)

RRP $899.00

38mm Lens

Magnification 1.9x-15.2x

Field-of-view 16.3˚ (1.9x)

RRP $1499.00

50mm Lens

Magnification 2.5x-20x

Field-of-view 12.4˚ (2.5x)

RRP $2199.00

ANV night vision lenses

For Generation 3 goggles and monoculars.

3x Afocal attachment lens
3x afocal lens

Magnification 3x

Field-of-view 13.3˚

Attaches to front of 1x objective lens

RRP $1117.38

ANV 3x objective lens
3x objective lens

Magnification 3x

Field-of-view 13.3˚

Fully focusing objective lens

RRP $803.80

ANV 5x CAT lens
5x Catadioptric objective lens

Magnification 5x

Field-of-view 8˚

Fully focussing objective lens

RRP $1038.09