Yukon and Pulsar warranty and repair

Ensure that your product is purchased through an authorised New Zealand dealer to receive on-going support

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide warranty

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Pulsar warranty

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Yukon and Pulsar products

Yukon and Pulsar products have a proven repututation for reliability and longevity. Each product is tested at each stage of production, and we further test each product immediatly upon receipt. However, all complex pieces of equipment can develop faults.

If your Yukon or Pulsar product develops a fault within the warranty period, it must be returned to the dealer from whom you purchased it. Keep your proof of purchase and fill-out your warranty card to speed-up warranty acceptance.

Only products supplied through an authorised Advanced Optics dealer can be returned to the factory for repair. Grey imports must be returned to the seller for warranty repairs.

Products that have the serial number removed cannot be accepted by the factory.

All new authorised products have the gold Genuine label on the outside of the box, and a signed and dated tested sticker on the inside.

Yukon Pulsar genuine label

We cannot accept grey products for repair. This is due to strict global territorial distribution rights and non-proliferation of dual-use goods.

All territorial distributors are forbidden from offering goods into another distributor’s territory. To do so violates the agreement between distributor and manufacturer.

Our territory is New Zealand and the South Pacific. Our BIS license strictly forbids sale outside of our agreed territory.

User warranty return process

• Return your device to the dealer from where it was purchased.

• Provide a letter explaining the devices problem/s.

• Provide a copy of the original receipt. If this is lost, provide the product model and the serial number.

• Provide a return address, contact person and phone number or email address.

Our warranty return process

• We recieve notification from the dealer that a warranty claim is lodged.

• We search for the device’s serial number in our database that provides when and where the goods were first purchased.

• Once the serial number is accepted by the manufacturer, the goods will be returned to the factory, or repaired in New Zealand. Warranty repairs undertaken by the factory can take between 8-12 weeks, from our receiving the product, to the product being returned to the customer. Products repaired in New Zealand can take up to two weeks depending on the complexity and availability of parts.

Occasionally, product warranty repairs can be held up for a number of reasons outside of our control. We accept no responsibility for unexpected delays.

Read your Warranty document for more information.

 Devices that fail with the first six months

If your product was bought within six months of failure, we will at our discretion, replace the product with a new item, subject to availability. To qualify for this, your product must be in a good resaleable condition. 

All warranty returns will be thoroughly checked and cleaned before return to the customer.

We will always endeavour to provide outstanding customer service in keeping with the reputation of our company.

Despite testing at each stage of the manufacturing process, then retested by ourselves before dispatch, these products are complex electronic systems. Though failure is rare, it does occasionally happen. 


Buying a used Pulsar or Yukon product?

Before you purchase a used Yukon or Pulsar optic product, check that the device was purchased through an authorised reseller. 

The manufacturer only accepts warranty returns from territorial distributors.

The easiest way to do this is by obtaining a copy of the original receipt. Yukon and Pulsar products extend the warranty to a new purchaser, so you will be able to find out how much of the original warranty remains on the device by its original purchase date.

Products that have been discontinued for the duration of the warranty period carry no factory warranty except at the discretion of the seller who will undertake their own warranty at the time of sale.

Ensure that the serial number has not been removed or tampered with. If proof of purchase is unavailable, contact the original seller and provide the model and serial number so that we may check this against our database.

Repairs not covered by the warranty

If you damage your device or if the warranty has lapsed, repair is still available either by ourselves or at the factory, provided that the product is not a grey import.

Repairs are modestly priced and the unit will undergo a full inspection prior to returning to the customer.

We can also service your device that includes cleaning, testing and replacing missing or damaged parts, subject to the age of the device and parts availability.

Products that cannot be repaired are Yukon and Pulsar Gen1 and CF-Supertube IIT night vision devices due to the unavailability of tubes.