ANV Generation 3+ Night Vision Goggles

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Suitable for maritime, search and rescue and law enforcement.
ANV Ultra Gen3+ goggles
Pulsar Image Quality

ANV Ultra Generation 3+ Night Vision Goggle

ANV Gen 3+ (Aka Gen 4) NVG have a wide range of applications including:

• Search and rescue
• Marine safety and navigation
• Security and law enforcement
• Pest eradication
• Wildlife research

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An ANV Ultra Gen3+ night vision goggles greatly amplifies faint light, such as starlight, that enables the user to see in extreme darkness, or spot other faint light sources, such as navigation beacons and lifejacket strobes from extreme distance.

Though thermal imaging is superior for rapidly detecting warm objects, night vision is unaffected by ‘thermal blindness’, that occurs when an object is a similar temperature to its surroundings, usually when objects cool down to the ambient air temperature. This is especially dangerous when navigating a vessel in harbours and close to shorelines.

The ANV Ultra goggles are usable through glass and have a wide field-of-view enabling a boat skipper to look around in a natural and expedient way. Fixed thermal imaging systems on boats can be slow and cumbersome, especially whilst searching and navigating in obstacle heavy environments.

All ANV Ultra goggles feature auto-gating for image clarity in the presence of unexpected or present light sources, such as from other boats, navigation beacons, street lights, car headlamps, lightening etc.

Advanced Night Vision

ANV Ultra models


Very high specification night vision goggle, that represents an excellent investment. Its high FoM is suitable for all purposes in extreme low light conditions.


  • Gen3 P45 white phosphor tube
  • Resolution 64 lpp/mm
  • SnR >26.6
  • FoM 1700 -1950


Our premium nigh vision goggle delivers the best performance at a fraction of the cost of many other Gen3 goggles. The Ulra-HD variant produces a better image in extreme darkness due to its higher resolution and SnR.

  • Gen3 P45 white phosphor tube
  • Resolution 68 lpp/mm
  • SnR >29
  • FoM 1900 -2100


Common features

The Ultra designation is reserved night vision products with the following features:

  • 1x Magnification
  • ≥40° Field-of-view
  • High Figure of Merit (FoM)
  • Premium GaAs tube with no visual blobs or defects
  • P45 white phosphor screen produces a high definition black and white image with exceptional contrast characteristics
  • Auto-gated power supply important for maintaining clear vision in the presence of external light sources, such as street lights, car headlights, boat lights and navigation beacons etc.
  • Vertical auto-shut-off with override, turns off the unit when in the up position and automatically turns on when lowered
  • Manual gain control allows user to finely adjust image brightness for comfort and reduced eye fatigue
  • In-built IR illuminator with ‘on’ indicator, for use in the absence of any light
  • Powered by 1x AA battery with low battery warning
  • IP67 fully waterproof body nitrogen purged and hermetically sealed
  • Weight 500g

All models supplied with a headmount, sacrificial window, neckstrap, cleaning cloth and soft carry-bag.

Accessories lenses

High quality, fully multicoated lenses for increased magnification.

3x refractor afocal clip-on extender lens

3x Afocal attachment lens

ANV Goggle with Focal 3x lens

3x Afocal clip-on extender lens pushes on to the front 1x objective lens which is used to focus. Quick and convenient.


3x refractor lens


ANV 3x objective lens


ANV goggle with 3x objective lens

3x screw on lens with inbuilt focusing delivers excellent image quality and light gathering capability for spotting distant light sources and object identification.


5x Catadioptic lens


ANV 5x CAT lens


ANV Generation 3 goggle with 5x lens

5x Catadioptic lens provides the highest magnification for long distance use.

ANV goggles for saving lives.
We support volunteer SAR and Coastguard volunteer groups with special rates.

Demonstration models available for government and SAR and Coastguard volunteer group.

These highly restricted Milspec Dual-Use goods are available for professional, government, SAR, Coastguard and research users.

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