Pulsar Digex NV Riflescope + IR Illuminator

High performance NIRO digital riflescope with a 30mm tube design for easy mounting on a variety of firearms.

Pulsar Digex NIRO sensor delivers superior low light performance


The Digex N400 series Digital Night Vision riflescope is fitted with a monochrome HD 1280×720 advanced Near Infrared Optimised (NIRO) sensor that is capable of imaging infrared in the near infrared spectrum, such as an hour before dawn and an hour after dusk, when the sky is bathed in infrared from the sun that is invisible to the naked eye. This is far beyond the capability of competitors digital night vision which relies heavily on active infrared illumination.

Pulsar’s patented SumLight adaptive light amplification further enhances the image in extreme low light. A fast f1.0 precision ground and fully multi-coated objective lens compliments the high performance sensor. 

In total darkness, the NIRO sensor requires less IR light from the supplied 850nm or 940nm illuminator, reducing ‘flashback’ and increasing power effeciency. The Digex is supplied with a choice of 850nm distance illuminator or 940nm ‘stealth’ illuminator. Either illuminator can also be bought separately.

The Digex is a modern high performance digital night vision riflescope with a 30mm body tube for easy mounting on to a variety of firearms using standard mounts.


Pulsar Digex N450 N455

Magnesium alloy body and hot-swappable power supply

The Pulsar Digex features an IPx7 fully waterproof magnesium alloy body that is exceptionally light and strong with a 30mm tube that fits easily onto most rifles the same as a conventional riflescope. The Digiex is recoil rated for heavy recoiling rifles such as .375H&H, 300 WinMag and 12 gauge rifle slug.

The scope is powered with high capacity quick-change battery and an internal battery that allows for battery changing without the unit shutting down. This is a feature unique to Pulsar.

Advanced features for efficiency and user friendliness

Sighting-in the Digex is easy with one-shot and freeze frame zeroing. A selection of 5 profiles, each with 10 point-of-impact settings means that the scope can be used with a range of ammunition types or swapped between rifles when used with a 0-shift quick-release mount.

The image can be easliy altered for brightness and contrast, as well as pseudo colouring for optimising viewing in varying conditions. An interactive stadiametric rangefinder can be preset when hunting to the distance that the scope is sighted in to, so that you can approach your target until it fits within the stadia for a better shot-to-kill ratio.

StreamVision integration with IOS/Android and firmware update

Built in Wi-Fi module provides connectivity of thermal imager with Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. The smartphone and thermal imager combination offers a set of unique features such as direct image streaming, downloading and sharing recorded files, firmware update and many other.



Digex N455

1280×720 Sensor

F50/f1.0 objective lens

4.5x-18x Magnification

6.2° (4.5x) Field of view

APS2 & APS3 Batteries

Detection range 500m