Stream Vision and Stream Vision 2

A free App that delivers a wide range of advantages for Pulsar users.

StreamVision app

Stream Vision

Stream Vision is a free and advertless application for smartphone or tablet. It is suitable for all Pulsar and Yukon compatible devices.


  • Updates your device’s Firmware for new features
  • Turns your smartphone or tablet into a mobile viewfinder
  • Streams video to the internet such as YouTube Live when use3d with smartphone with data
  • Use your smart device as a remote control
  • Has motion sensor setting for static operation
  • Features a user programmable ballistic calculator
  • Manage and download your photos and videos from device to phone

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Tutorial for Android devices

Tutorial for Apple IOS devices

Stream Vision 2

Stream Vision 2 is the latest App for smartphone or tablet that works with newer Pulsar and Yukon devices. It performs the same functions as the previous app, but with the added benefits:


  • Free Cloud storage for videos and stills
  • Better real-time viewing with dual-band Pulsar devices
  • Optional Pulsar news feed

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Pulsar Stream Vision 2