Pulsar Talion XQ thermal riflescope

Pulsar’s latest compact thermal riflescope platform sets a new performance standard

Pulsar Talion XQ38 is light, compact and hosts outstanding features

The Pulsar Talion XQ38 is a European made advanced thermal riflescope that is suitable for rigorous recreational hunting and professional pest controlled meat recovery. It represents exceptional value-for-money.

The new Talion has a completly new body, however, its performance is now enhanced with new three stage image intensification for better brightness control and image rendering. This feature takes advantage of the Lynred sensor, which is proven for military and aerospace, when reliability and durability are key design considerations.


  • Lynred 384×288 / 17µ / >40mK sensor
  • F38 f1.2 precision ground germanium objective lens
  • 2.5x-10x magnification
  • 9.8˚ FoV vertical @ 2.5x magnification
  • Quick-change APS5 battery for 10 hours opereation
  • HD AMOLED display
  • Withstands 6000J recoil energy (.375H&H, 9.3×64, 12 gauge slug etc)
  • Waterproof IPx7 (under one metre of water for 30 mins)
  • Multi-point Picatinny prism mount for ease of mounting
  • Stream Vision 2.

Due to the terms of our internationally binding BIS license, military grade sensors are categorised as ‘Dual-use’ and must not be exported outside of New Zealand.



StreamVision app

Stream Vision 2 integration with IOS/Android and firmware update

Built in Wi-Fi module provides connectivity of thermal imager with Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. The smartphone and thermal imager combination offers a set of unique features such as direct image streaming, downloading and sharing recorded files, firmware update and many other.



Talion XQ38

Lynred 384×288-17µ Sensor

NETD <40mK

Objective lens F38/f1.2 precision Germanium

2.5x-10x Magnification (4x zoom)

Field-of-view 9.8° (2.5x)

Detection range 1350 m

APS5 batteries

Magnesium alloy body resists heavy recoil (6000J .375H&H, 12G rifled slug, 9.8×64 etc)

Waterproof to IPx7 (under 1 metre of water for 30 mins)

3 year warranty (1 year battery)

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Pulsar Talion XQ38